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Yvette Wensley - Breastfeeding Consultant
Yvette Wensley – Breastfeeding Consultant

Hello my name is Yvette Wensley I am a Registered Nurse, Midwife, Lactation Consultant and mother of three children. I recently saw a gap in support for Mums with young babies in the community.

I feel quite passionate in helping Mums in those first few months. This time in particular can often be quite challenging.

I have been a Midwife for over two decades with a specialized skill in Lactation. I hold a International qualification as a Lactation Consultant and have been in Private Practice for over 18 years.

I grew up on the Sunshine Coast and over these years I have become very involved in my Community.  I believe it takes a village to raise a child and therefore lots of networks within the community for mothers and babies are very important for a mother’s emotional and spiritual well being.

Breast Milk Bar is a community of mothers on line and face to face.  We are there to support each other and create OUR own tribe.


Testimonials ~

  • “Yvette supported me in establishing breastfeeding with my first baby. It was a very emotional and physically challenging time for me and her straightforward and practical advice helped me become a confident breastfeeding mummy. Yvette is friendly and patient but most of all caring and we still enjoy our visits with her nearly three years on!”     –  Lewina Broadbent – Mother of Summer and Annabelle


  • “The advice given by Yvette during my time with our newborns was invaluable, not only has she offered great advice at the time, she has become a family friend!”      –  Kellie Kearney – Mother of Aiden and Liam


  • “As a first time Mum struggling with breastfeeding I was lucky to find Yvette at a time when I was just about to give up. She has guided me and my bub through the trials and errors of breastfeeding, sleeping and crying. She has helped me stay calm and confident at times when I was completely lost .”            – Melitta Marr – Mother of Flynn


  • “Being a first time mum I was pedantic about absolutely everything not to mention a little anxious but visiting Yvette once a month was such a huge help as well as making my new found mummy-hood much calmer and a whole lot easier. Yvette’s down-to-earth advice, depth of knowledge, beautiful caring nature and support was a blessing and there was nothing too silly or small to ask.  I wasn’t overly successful with breastfeeding long-term but Yvette reassured me that regardless of bottle or breast I was doing a great job and I was a success as a mummy! With Yvette’s invaluable guidance the transition from breast to bottle (without the mummy guilt) and then later beginning solids was a breeze. Thanks Yvette, I sure will be seeing you again second time round!”       –   Julie Kradolfer –  Mother of Sterling
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